How will noncitizen parents be heard? 

Under the new law, noncitizens will not be allowed to run for school board positions or vote for school board members.
A noncitizen advisory board will be created to help inform board members on education issues faced by noncitizen students and their families.

By contrast, noncitizens can vote and run in Local School Council (LSC) elections.

There is another bill in Springfield, SB1565, that has not been voted on yet, that would allow noncitizens to participate in school board elections. While this bill offers some hope of allowing noncitizen parents to vote in school board elections, there are provisions that raise serious questions about how effective it would be.


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While noncitizens do not vote in most U.S. elections today, that has not always been the case historically. There are also recent examples of municipalities allowing noncitizens to vote in certain elections. In Chicago, noncitizens can vote in LSC elections. Courts have recently overturned laws that allowed noncitizens to vote in New York City municipal elections and San Francisco school board elections.

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